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Touching the Surface
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Release the Blockages in the segments of your body through Bioenergetic Bodywork.

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Following on from the work of Carl Jung, Wilhelm Reich and Alexander Lowen - Bioenergetics is a combination of several modalities that brings together a powerful system of integration, bodywork, de-armouring and psychoanalytic analysis. 

Utilising a stream of different systems that is suitable for the individual - Bioenergetics can take on of the three approaches: 


* Spiritual - Utilising kundalini Energy & chakra blockages

* Physical - Body de-armouring, pranayama & bodywork 

* Psychological - Psychoanalysis, trauma therapy, diagnosis.

Bioenergetic Analysis integrates traditional talk therapy with bodywork, giving us a tangible physical and emotional way of healing our psychological wounds. More than a series of exercises or techniques, Bioenergetic Analysis is a powerful, in-depth expressive process that helps us overcome our limitations and live more passionate, pleasurable and creative lives.

Your Body Is a Reflection of your mind. Though Your mind may process and move on - the Body Remembers.

Bioenergetics is a form of psychodynamic psychotherapy that works with the strong capabilities of the body and the blockages in the body and its relationship with the mind and assists you to resolve the body-mind connection in order to gain heightened biotechnology and an advanced ability to function in the world without the restrictions of emotions, blockages or traumas that have hindered progress to this date and enables more potential for pleasure and joy in life.

There is a correlation between the mind and the body. What affects the body affects the mind, and what affects the mind affects the body.  The psychological defences one uses to handle the pain and stress of life are also anchored in the body.  They appear in the body as unique muscular patterns that inhibit self-expression. These patterns can be identified and understood by bioenergetics psychotherapists who know how to look at the structure, movement, and breathing patterns in a person’s body.

Bioenergetics psychotherapists, like other psychotherapists, focus special attention on the muscular patterns in a person’s body. They are interested in these patterns and their relationship to movement, breath, posture, and emotional expression.

Every physical expression of the body has meaning.

The bioenergetics psychotherapist studies muscular patterns and introduces the client to physical expressions or exercises to help them experience, in the present time, these patterns of constriction in the body. The therapist explores with the client what it would feel like to begin to release these patterns and recover some of the feelings they have repressed during childhood and continue to repress in their adult life. The bioenergetics psychotherapist also helps clients come to understand how and why patterns of constriction developed and how these very defences hindering their life today allowed them to survive an early environment that was not supportive of their being. 

As these repressed emotions emerge, clients begin to realize that these patterns inhibit their capacity for spontaneity and creativity in self-expression. They begin to understand that as these defences became chronic, so did the muscular patterns in their body. As clients progress in bioenergetics psychotherapy, old ineffective patterns that block connection, pleasure, spontaneity, and joy slowly dissolve.  Through the physical and emotional release in the body, the client can begin to experience safe, healthy, supportive connections with him/herself and others in new, more satisfying ways.

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Vegetotherapy & BioEnergetics

Vegetotherapy is the name given to a theoretical and practical bodywork therapy developed by Dr Wilhelm Reich. It involves specialised bodywork techniques and working with the breath to liberate the "vegetative" or autonomic nervous system response [unconscious or involuntary mechanisms in the body] as an aid to restoring homoeostasis and health. Dr Reich demonstrated how 'horizontal' rings or 'segments' in the body, if armoured, impeded the spontaneous 'vertical' updrift of energy. These armour rings had to be loosened through bodywork, vegetotherapy and, where needed, work with expression or image and psychotherapy, in order to promote the full circulation of life-energy. 

Biodynamic vegetotherapy works with impulses that "impinge from within" and with the seven "segments" of the body - It aims to establish or re-establish the "streamings" which re-connect the vegetative (life-energy) currents to the psychic structures in order to facilitate repair and re-generate on all levels. 


Re-connection to the streamings allows the armour to dissolve. Once the body armouring begins to dissolve, layer by layer, and the life-energy begins to flow again more freely there is a 'biodynamic updrift' of hitherto unavailable unconscious material. When this flow or updrift is re-established, the biodynamic practitioner may concentrate on encouraging the client to recognise his or her own 'stimuli from within'.

In fact, these "stimuli from within" are the stirrings of the person's alive core, now literally pressing for acknowledgment. The "stimuli from within" may come in any form - from the tiniest muscular twitching to faint shreds of memories, to deeper or more expansive breathing, or to expression of deep emotion. Sometimes, old memories and past feelings which have been lost or buried in the body depths may come back to the surface of consciousness, leading to insights, profound psychological clearance, transformation and relief. 

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