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Jaida Simone. (B.A, M.A, PhD)


By focusing her attention on incorporating Eastern Philosophies into Western Practices of Therapy, jade has discovered a New Wave of healing that is both effective, faster, and powerful than ever before. Frustrated with the lack of speedy recovery, as well as the importance of getting to the core of the issue quickly, she found that most outdated techniques of therapy are still being practiced in clinics and private practices today. A stuctured and systematic approach to the healing process only delayed the healing by months if not years. 


After extensive research, and years of bodywork therapies - she has finally been able to put together the ability to work with the body in deeper way and with fundamentally successfull results. She has created bodywork techniques in the Spiritual Realm and has worked with Sexual Health related issues for over 10 years. Her focus at the moment is to bring to the attention of the world of Therapy the importance of understanding the Spiritual realm in the work of Energy, Emotion, Thought processes, Mind/body relations, breathwork, and body dynamics. 


Jade is an incredible creative. She has the mind for business, academics as well and pleasure and play. Her programs are utilised all over the world. As an entrepreneur she has created jobs for over 200 people globally. Her training is utilised by over 350 trained professionals globally and she has taught in most Major cities around the world - namely London, Los Angeles, New York, Melbourne, Istanbul and Cape Town. 


Some of the programs that she has put together required months of time, effort and energy and her origional programs are proven to work. She is a leading educator Spiritual Dynamics - Specialising in Sexual Self Development, Clinical Ishimpo and Kundalini Therapy and Bodywork. She is a bodyworker and has included the Body as an essential component to the healing process for any issues relating to the mind. 


To Exclude the body - the Therapy is Never Complete


B.A - Philosophy - La Trobe University

B.Litt(Hons) Philosophy - Deakin University

Masters of Sexual Health - University of New South Wales

Phd - Counselling and Psychotherapy - Somerset University




 Maya Sophia is a spiritualist with a passion for personal growth and expansion. Her extensive experience globally has seen her experience the most amazing festivals, spiritual communities, workshops and trainings. 


As a workshop facilitator she can be seen offering her knowledge, passion and prowress to the community in festivals like Burning seed, Earthcore, Rainbow Gathering and Confest. 


Maya Sophia offering her Dance experience as well as her awareness of energy to women and has the ability to make you feel extremely comfortable in your body as well as nurture the growth within you. 

She is the co founder of Cuddle Therapy Australia and is a teachers trainer for Kama Sutra Dance. 





Rather than suppressing or acting out in unconscious and self-destructive ways, Conscious or Sacred Kink is the embodied exploration of the full spectrumof our sexual expression in aconsensual, risk-aware and conscious way. It is a source of great personal and spiritual growth, deep transformation and joy.


Over the past twenty years, I have studied and explored many paths to healing and expansion, including yoga, tantra, BDSM, Role Play, Shibari, and spiritual ecology, and worked as Tantric bodyworker, Dominatrix and Love coach. 

Since I was very small, I have always been committed to exploring sensuality, relationships and intimacy. Sexuality was a powerful catalyst and gateway into much insight and wisdom and I was drawn into the emerging field of conscious kink 8 years ago.  

Life continues to emerge and evolve, and my path is taking more deeply into what it means to be in sacred communion with life. A central aspect of this is connecting to our inherent wildness – that part of us that resonates in harmony with nature and knows that we are not separate from life. My exploration of bondage, shibari, role play, Rope play, bondassage and The Shadow - are tools for embodiment and authentic expression. 


 continue to inspire my discovery of how we can live in our fullest potential, constantly diving into deeper layers of ourselves that lie ‘beyond the imagination’.


I work with all persuasions of men, women and couples, who have a desire for a particular sexual practice outside the conventional, but have kept it hidden. I choose to work with people who are interested in grounding their sexuality in a mature, personally sacred foundation. This work may also include compassionately examining and resolving the emotional fears and judgments that may have been keeping the truth of your Eros hidden from yourself and others. 


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