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What is Vegetotherapy and Character Analytic Bodywork?

Learn from world-changing thinkers and innovators in Vegetotherapy. ~ BEYOND ORGONOMY ~

Vegetotherapy as taught in our institute is the name given to a theoretical and practical bodywork therapy developed by Dr Wilhelm Reich. It involves specialised bodywork techniques and working with the breath to liberate the "vegetative" or autonomic nervous system response [unconscious or involuntary mechanisms in the body] as an aid to restoring homoeostasis and health. Dr Reich demonstrated how 'horizontal' rings or 'segments' in t

he body, if armoured, impeded the spontaneous 'vertical' updrift of energy. These armour rings had to be loosened through bodywork, vegetotherapy and, where needed, work with expression or image and psychotherapy, in order to promote the full circulation of life-energy. This is very similar to

Kundalini Energy and Pranayama Practices and the understanding of the Kundalini Lifeforce dynamics.

Biodynamic vegetotherapy works with impulses that "impinge from within" and with the seven "segments" of the body - pelvis, abdomen, diaphragm, chest, throat, mouth/jaw and eyes. It aims to establish or re-establish the "streamings" which re-connect the vegetative (life-energy) currents to the psychic structures in order to facilitate re-pair and re-generation on all levels. This is similar to the Chakra System of the body which is in allignment with the spiritual and energetics of the body - the 7 Chakras which work with blockages and the ideal to diagnose these energetics blockages in order to experiene a kundalini - or life force regerative awakening.

Re-connection to the streamings allows the armour to dissolve. Once the body armouring begins to dissolve, layer by layer, and the life-energy begins to flow again more freely there is a 'biodynamic updrift' of hitherto unavailable unconscious material. When this flow or updrift is re-established, the biodynamic practitioner may concentrate on encouraging the client to recognise his or her own 'stimuli from within'.

In fact these "stimuli from within" are the stirrings of the person's alive core, now literally pressing for acknowledgment. The "stimuli from within" may come in any form - from the tiniest muscular twitching, to faint shreds of memories, to deeper or more expansive breathing, or to expression of deep emotion. Sometimes, old memories and past feelings which have been lost or buried in the body depths may come back to the surface of consciousness, leading to insights, profound psychological clearance, transformation and relief. In our experience we find that the clearing from our bodywork allows for Months of Psychotherapy to clear the problems and issues surrounding the energetics in the body in ONE session. This is a profound experience as most in the clinical sphere may not like this idea. A sudden awakening, a spontaneous clearing and an ability to heal in only a few sessions is unheard of in clinical spectrums as most find that the need to extend and prolong therapy is required as either a business or financial mean or simply to continue their study or research.

The Vegetotherapy Process

The Vegetotherapy process offers the opportunity for a fundamental biological and psychological purification. As neurosis is cleared out of the body on all levels the person becomes free from all constriction and the "Primary Personality" is recovered in all its aspects. Wilhelm Reich and Gerda Boyesen's methods and findings are extremely crucial to an in-depth understanding of the extent of human suffering and pain when we are disturbed in the full libidinous and joyful pulsation of health.

However, our research takes this to a whole new level - incorporating a full program of bodywork and TOUCH (previously unheard of) which will stimulate and asist with the awakening and exploration of the energy centre coupled with breath work and expressive techniques to release the inner hidden turmoils that are causing us to fall ill or feel out of balance.

The levels of vegotherapy taught allow for differing options of focus. Each of the seven segments of the body a represented with different aspects of our lives and a focus on these will allow for a deeper analysis into the clients ability to exist and co exist. Diagnosing the blockages in these segments are crucial for progression into the healing realm.

Vegetotherapy is an essential tool for the moden Psychotherapist and Healer, it is also a level beyond the clinical and the spiritual and mixes massage, psychotherapy, counselling, healing and teaching all in the same session. A beautiful and powerful technique to learn.

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