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The Shadow Walk
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The Shadow Walk

The elements of our personality, conscious and unconscious, are what form our beliefs in life. Without taking a walk into our unconscious, we will not be able to understand those attitudes we hold, those behaviors, projections, likes and dislikes that have formed us into who we are today.


The unconscious thought patterns and beliefs are always with us. This is our neurological programming. These neural pathways have formed and established themselves in our brain and can only be seen through The Shadow Walk. By telling our story, openly, expressively, truthfully, and honestly, the storytelling mode of the individual is able to ascertain the elements of the projection, the falseness, the hidden, the ashamed and the good, bad, and ugly. When on a Shadow walk, the real person comes out.


As a Shadow Walker, the therapist is able to work with the person to read into their stories and see the areas which are creating hindrances, blocks, and problems in their current lives. This way, once the unconscious becomes conscious, the story of our lives can be rewritten to better serve our personal development. The shadow walk is a way in which you bring our past into your present and work through it to begin the process of change. It is a neurological Map that is seen from the eyes of an external analyst. ​Experience the Shadow Walk to assist with Reframing your cognitive Dissonance about your own identity.

"We came in as a couple. We had tried counselling, a psychologist and worked on building a strong bond for our family. We decided to go through the EroticIQ process with Jaida. The Shadow Walk is the first step. 

Now, this is intense. There is no B.S in this. You cant fool Jaida, your partner and yourself.

Masks are off. Personas and fake and gone. 

You deepest, darkest secrets: out in the open with your partner to hear. Your processing it, working through it, understanding it all while witnessed by your partner. 

It is like a Rite of Passage into your new life together. We did this to one another. And once we felt that most things were out in the open, our understanding of one another was so profound that it was like we were meeting one another for the first time again. This is where unconditional love is formed. We did this for the future of our kids and family. 

~ Sandra & Sean

( & now baby Mikael)

~12 Month Walk

Our social conditioning, the way we are raised and all our relationships forge us into who we are today. We tend to think its just the way it is. Jaida has a way of kicking some sense into you. Bringing light into the truth of your experiences. The Shadow Walk is not something to take lightly - If you want pretty, soft, nice therapy - this isn't for you. If you want results, to be shown things and told things you may not want to hear but NEED to hear, then This is for you.

It was both the hardest and the best thing I did for myself ever. 

-Christian Reso

~ 6 month Shadow Walk


"6 months of therapy in 3 sessions - I can't believe how liberated I feel. What I was carrying for so long, what I couldn't see, was just weighing me down. I needed an attentive focus on one area of my life, where I couldn't move or shift things. This AHA moment came when Jaida showed me the deep unconscious patterns I refused to see, why, where and how to shift it. "

Sigourney Martin

~ 3 month Walk

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